Can foreigners who do not have a residence permit access the services of the National Health Service?

Foreign citizens who do not have a residence permit have access to the services of the National Health Service, by presenting to the health services in their area of residence a proof (Certificate of residence), issued by Junta de Freguesia (local parish council) in accordance with the 34 article of Decree-Law no. 135/99, 22 of April, confirming that they have been in Portugal for more than ninety days.

For this certificate of residence citizens need 2 witnesses also resident in the area, who can confirm the information. This can be done by, both private individuals (known people, neighbors) or commercial establishments (the owner of the accommodation, the stores where they´re clients), or they can make their own statement of honor.

After the certificate is issued by the Junta de Freguesia (Parish Council), citizens must go to the Health Center for a sporadic registration.

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