What are the duties of the applicants for international protection?

The applicant must provide all the elements necessary to justify the application for international protection, namely:
– their identification and the members of their family;
– indication of their nationality, country or countries and previous place or place of residence;
– indication of previous requests for international protection;
– reporting on the circumstances or facts underlying the need for international protection;
– allow the fingerprints of all fingers to be taken, provided that they are at least 14 years of age, under the terms of the Eurodac Regulation for the comparison of fingerprints;
– to keep the SEF informed of his residence and to notify immediately to this service any change of address;
– appear before the SEF when requested to do so in respect of any circumstance of his request.
The applicant, together with the request for international protection, must also present the identification and travel documents he has, as well as evidence, and may present witnesses no more than 10.

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