What types of residence visas are there?

Depending on the purpose, there are the following types of residence visa:

– for the practice of subordinate professional activity;

– for the practice of independent professional activity or for entrepreneurial immigrants;

– for teaching, highly qualified or cultural activity;

– for highly qualified activity carried out by a subordinate worker;

– for research, study, exchange of students of secondary education, traineeship and volunteering;

– for the purposes of family reunification;

– for retired foreigners or holders of income (movable or immovable property, intellectual property or financial applications) and for foreigners with the status of ministers of religion, members of an institute of consecrated life or religious profession and that as such is certified by the church or religious community to which they belong, duly recognized under the Portuguese legal system (in these cases, an unominated residence visa – general regime) is granted.

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